• 11 Investigates: Wrong-way crashes on Route 28


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - Details remain sparse about what caused a wrong way crash on Route 28 Tuesday morning between Etna and the Highland Park Bridge.

    It was the second wrong way crash in less than four months on Route 28.

    In July, a man crashed into a Blawnox police car before making a U-turn and driving down the wrong side of Route 28, crashing into another driver head-on.

    The suspect died instantly, and the victim suffered leg injuries.

    11 Investigates took those examples to PennDOT today to find out why wrong way crashes keep happening on Route 28.


    "We're really concerned about all of the crashes and trying to figure out why people are doing it," said Todd Kravits, a PennDOT traffic engineer. 

    Kravits said many questions remain about today's crash, but others were caused by drunken driving, running from the police or driver confusion.

    "We found, with these wrong way crashes that the vast majority of them are happening due to behavioral issues of the motorists," Kravits said.

    To help avoid confusion, PennDOT set up extra signs along Route 28 ramps following reconstruction two years ago, work that Kravits believes has been effective.

    "We have seen, and the statistics have shown, that these sign and pavement marking improvements have gone a long way in reducing wrong way crashes," Kravits said.

    Whether this morning's crash follows the same pattern as others on Route 28 is still unclear.

    At this point, state police are offering few details about what caused the driver to go the wrong way or where they got onto the highway. 


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