2 bodies found in home; investigators seen wearing hazmat suits

AMBRIDGE, Pa. — The decomposing bodies of two men were found in a home in Ambridge Tuesday night, authorities said.

A neighbor called police about 9:30 p.m. to report a strong odor coming from the area, thinking it was a dead animal, police said.

Officers who responded to the call noticed the smell was coming from a home on Elm Road and that mail was piling up. They called the fire department for backup.

Upon climbing a fire ladder to reach the second floor of the home, a police officer spotted one body on the floor in a hallway, authorities said.


Investigators surrounded the home after the discovery was made. Police and crews wearing hazmat suits were seen going in and out of the home.

Once inside, investigators found a second badly decomposed body.

Police believe two elderly men lived in the home. Neighbors said one of the men was taking care of the other, and he had a series of health issues.

Causes of death have not been determined, but police said the deaths are being treated as suspicious and it will take time to identify the bodies.