2-car wreck injures 6 in Shadyside

6 people injured in Shadyside crash

PITTSBURGH — The call came in to police as "an accident with entrapment."

It was.

A two-car wreck at Fifth and Shady avenues in Shadyside on Thursday morning. It was clear it could have been a bad one.

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I happened upon it as I was driving through the neighborhood. I snapped photos of the scene with my phone.

As I walked up, I saw about half a dozen Pittsburgh EMS trucks or ambulances, several police cars and fire trucks, and a couple of wrecked cars, one turned on its side.

I could see one person being placed on a stretcher to be sent to the hospital.

Then I saw the focus of that moment: a woman trapped in the flipped vehicle.

I found Pittsburgh EMS district Chief Paul Sabol to tell me more about the rescue.

"But you did have cut a roof off one of the vehicles?” I asked.

“That's correct,” he said. “Just because where the patient was located, we had to get a bigger extrication pathway to get her out of the vehicle, and the roof was the easiest way to get her out."

They got her out safely. In all, six people had to be taken to the hospital. All are in stable condition a good outcome considering what the accident scene looked like.

"If you look at the damage on the vehicles, it looks like it was a t-bone collision, but I was not here to witness that,” Sabol said. “I leave that up to the crash investigators to determine."

Channel 11 is checking with police now to see exactly what happened and if any charges will be filed.