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2 men killed in tragic incident on Parkway East identified

PITTSBURGH — Two men who were examining a disabled vehicle on the Parkway East on Saturday are dead after another car smashed into the scene, causing them to fall dozens of feet to a street below.

The Parkway East outbound lanes were shut down from Grant Street to the Forbes Avenue exit for hours.

PHOTOS: 2 men killed in tragic incident on Parkway East

According to Pennsylvania State Police, 34-year-old Jason Hubert Jackson's vehicle broke down in the right lane on an elevated section of the parkway in Oakland around 4 p.m.

Landon Manning Jones, 39, was driving by and stopped to help. The two men went to a gas station, then returned to the car.

When they were outside the vehicle, a third vehicle passing by then struck the second vehicle, either knocking the men over the barrier at the edge of the expressway or causing them to leap over it to dodge the crash, police said.

Jones and Jackson then fell or jumped to Second Avenue, which runs below that portion of the parkway, where they were struck by a fourth vehicle, state police said.

It was unknown if the men survived the initial fall. Investigators are still questioning witnesses, but right now, they do not anticipate any charges will be filed.

A woman and 12-year-old in the first vehicle were not hurt, police said. The drivers of the third and fourth vehicles were taken to hospitals, but it was not immediately clear if they were injured.

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