2 senior Chihuahuas found in box on side of the road

2 senior Chihuahuas found in box on side of the road

MONACA HEIGHTS, Pa. — The Beaver County Humane Society is asking for help finding the person or persons responsible for abandoning two senior Chihuahuas in a cardboard box on the side of the road.

The dogs, determined to be approximately 8 and 10 years old, were found yesterday in Monaca Heights.

They appeared to be in need of extensive care and were taken to the Beaver County Humane Society animal shelter in Center Township.

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“Our medical team discovered both dogs were loaded with fleas. In fact, the older male is missing fur along his back and tail from heavy flea infestation,” says Susan Salyards, BCHS executive director. “Along with that, they both have dental issues, with the older one having periodontal disease. The younger male is not bearing weight on his right hind leg and will need X-rays of his leg and pelvis. We have started him on pain medication,” says Salyards. “The older male also has a possible tumor and an ulcer on his right eye.”

Anyone with information on who owned the dogs or the identity of the people who committed the crime are asked to call 724-775-5801 ext. 110.