• 2 volunteer firefighters in trouble over social media comments following Michael Rosfeld verdict


    MONESSEN, Pa. - Two volunteer firefighters are in trouble over comments on social media that suggested people protesting the Michael Rosfeld verdict should be sprayed with fire hoses.

    The comment made on social media has sparked outrage in the small community.

    Many residents calling their words "hateful," and telling Channel 11's Shelley Bortz they fear for their safety. 

    "You don't know if they'd protect you if they have to come to your home and put out a fire. They may say, 'Oh, they're black. Let them sit in there and burn,'" said Bonnie Mays-Hughes, from the NAACP.

    A Belle Vernon volunteer commented on Channel 11's Facebook page regarding the protest in downtown Pittsburgh after Rosfeld's not-guilty verdict.

    It reads, "They need sprayed in face by fire truck."


    Another local junior-firefighter from Monessen took to Facebook echoing his sentiments, writing, "(He) had a very good reason to make his comment."

    The NAACP told Channel 11 that the Belle Vernon firefighter will no longer be able to volunteer.

    Bortz spoke to the Hilltop volunteer fire chief, who said he's going to look into the junior firefighter's comments.

    She also spoke with the junior firefighter's mom off-camera. She said her children were not raised to be prejudiced toward anyone. She apologized for her daughter's actions and said she hopes the community can forgive her.


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