• 22 arrests in 2 weeks of patrons leaving after-hours club


    DUQUESNE, Pa. - Neighbors have raised concerns about a club in Duquesne.

    But they're not concerned about what's going on inside the club. It's what's happening after hours.

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    The man who now leases the club told Channel 11 there aren't problems, but police said there are, and they get help from the Allegheny County Police Department to manage all the arrests.

    "Last weekend alone, we arrested a total of 12 people. The weekend before that I believe we arrested 10," said Chief Thomas Dunlevy, of the Duquesne Police Department.


    According to police, all of the people arrested were patrons of an after-hours club in Duquesne.

    "We've arrested drunk(en) drivers. We've arrested two individuals that have had guns illegally. We've arrested a man that was snorting cocaine on his FaceTime at the time we arrested him," Dunlevy said.

    Police started cracking down after receiving constant complaints about noise and drugs.

    Channel 11 spoke to the man who leases and operates SCG, the Second Chance Giving Club.

    He asked not to be identified.

    "We have no problem like that, but that's like anything," he said. "I mean, these people are coming here. They aren't sitting out doing whatever.  I don't know about sniffing cocaine. He might have had a sniff of cocaine a little bit out there. People do that in every bar in their area. But that's not (what) we accept here."

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    The head of security said he has five security guards and he recently noticed police activity outside the club and isn't sure why.

    "When they disperse from the club, the guards walk out and make sure they get in their cars and they leave," said Charles Ausbrook.


    Dunlevy said he will continue to monitor the activity outside and work with the owner.

    "People urinating in the streets, the drugs, the guns -- we can't tolerate that here and we won't," Dunlevy said.

    Dunlevy and the owner want to work together and plan on sitting down to talk about the problems.



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