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Pregnant woman choked at Steelers game Sunday, police investigating

PITTSBURGH — A second violent incident in the Heinz Field stands during Sunday’s Steelers loss is garnering attention.

Channel 11 video caught a man in Los Angeles Chargers clothing tangling with a Steelers fan as the Chargers pulled off an unprecedented comeback on the Steelers’ home field. That Chargers fan told police the Steelers fan choked his pregnant wife, who was wearing a Chargers jersey.

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The Steelers fan seen in Channel 11's video is Daniel Minshew, who told police his pregnant wife was choked by an unidentified Steelers fan.

Minshew's account was backed up by a photo taken by a local freelance photographer.

Channel 11 confirmed Pittsburgh police are now investigating and may file criminal charges.

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Officials at Heinz Field confirmed they too are investigating the alleged choking and the brawl.

A spokesperson for Heinz Field said they will consider all options including the permanent removal of ticket privileges:

"This type of behavior seen in the photo is unacceptable, something we do not condone on our property. We are working with Heinz Field security, as well as local authorities, to gather more information on this particular incident. We will ensure those involved as the aggressors will not be permitted back into our stadium."

On Wednesday, stadium officials said they have spoken with the Chargers fans who were involved, but still have not identified the other man.

The incident follows another caught on cellphone video of two Steelers fans brawling in the stands at the game.

It's unclear what sparked either of the fights.