• 3 dogs burst out of home, attack postal worker on his route


    BEAVER FALLS, Pa. - A mailman was attacked on his route in Beaver County on Tuesday when three dogs burst out of a home.

    He had to seek medical treatment after this happened in Beaver Falls.

    According to police, the mailman was making his rounds when he approached the front door of a house on 3rd Avenue.

    Channel 11 has learned that's when three pit bulls broke through the screen door and attacked the man.


    Two witnesses called 911 and helped the postal worker until paramedics got there.

    Beaver Falls Postmaster Margo Perry told Channel 11 that the mail carrier was treated at the scene and later went to a doctor as a precaution. Perry said the mailman has been on the job for four years and she feels he was extremely lucky.

    She said all postal workers take the necessary steps to prevent a dog attack, including watching for dogs' mannerisms and using the mail satchel as a shield.


    But in this case, she said, the man had no warning. The dogs ambushed him.

    Perry said she will contact Animal Control on Wednesday and let the agency handle the incident.

    As of now, mail to that address is suspended.



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