3 families in Steel Valley SD have bedbugs; schools to reopen Thursday

Steel Valley School District to reopen after bedbugs force closure

Steel Valley Middle and High School parents pulled their kids out of classes after students posted pictures and videos of what they believe to be bedbugs in different rooms.

Channel 11's Erin Clarke started making calls about the complaints after those students took to social media.

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It wasn't until Tuesday that the district posted a letter to Facebook, saying a "suspected bedbug" was found in the high school and in a middle school student's backpack.

The superintendent said they don't believe this is an infestation, but are treating it as such and had an exterminator come to the school. The Allegheny County Health Department was also notified.

The school district was closed on Wednesday to clean and treat all the buildings.

A letter that went out to parents said three families have bedbugs, and those families have children in three different schools in the district.

Steel Valley closed all five of its buildings Wednesday after students reported bugs at the middle school and high school.

In the letter, district officials suggested parents to check their homes for bedbugs. However, the district will not be closed Thursday because all of the schools were inspected and treated by exterminators.

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