• 3 injured after train collides with car in Aspinwall


    Three people were injured when a train collided with a car in Aspinwall Sunday afternoon. 

    Witnesses confirmed the accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. at the railroad crossing of Freeport Road and Waterworks Drive Sunday. 


    Channel 11's Shelley Bortz spoke with workers and other officials at the scene. 

    Two Norfolk Southern workers were injured when the train and car collided, according to the Aspinwall Fire Chief. 

    The workers were hit by the vehicle after it had collided with the oncoming train. 

    According to the Fire Chief, the workers were attempting to prevent the car from crossing the tracks before the train hit it. 

    Witnesses told Channel 11 that around 4:15 p.m. the railroad crossing lights came on – and they could hear the train coming. 

    However, the driver involved in the accident tried to beat the train. 

    “We were screaming and hollering ‘Stop!’” said Director of Norfolk Southern, Matt Turner. “The train was blowing the horn and he just kept coming.”

    The train hit the vehicle and knocked it several feet away from the tracks.

    The driver was trapped inside the vehicle and had to be cut out, according to the Fire Chief.     

    All three people injured in the accident were alert and were last reported to be in stable condition. 



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