3-year-old twins found wandering outside alone

3-year-old twins found wandering outside alone

PITTSBURGH — A Brookline mother is being charged after her 3-year-old twin boys were found wandering outside alone after she left them on the front porch and left, police said.

According to police, one of the toddlers was found wandering on Pioneer Avenue blocks away wearing only a t-shirt.

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A good Samaritan called police, who conducted a welfare check on the children. As police arrived at the home, other family members, including the children's father, arrived as well.


Police say they found the other boy outside the home, completely naked. Family members took the children inside the home.

Police said when they arrived, the mother, Ashley Palmer, was in an upstairs bedroom and was "out of it," under the influence of some type of drug.

Police said Palmer told them a lot of different stories -- one was that her mother-in law left the door open.

Palmer is charged with endangering welfare of her two boys and making false statements to police.