• ALCOSAN announces new plan for cleaning up Pittsburgh's three rivers


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh is well-known for its three rivers, and now there's a new plan for improving water quality and keeping untreated sewage from getting into those rivers.

    The EPA, along with the Department of Justice, the DEP, and the Allegheny Health Department worked with ALCOSAN to approve a new agreement.

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    The EPA says Pittsburgh has struggled with wet weather problems for decades, to the point where in 2007, it agreed to oversight by federal, state, and county authorities to greatly reduce the billions of gallons of untreated sewage that was flowing into the rivers every year.

    Now this clean water plan will let ALCOSAN replace old infrastructure like pipes and tiles to protect health and environment in the long term. 

    The $2 billion plan will expand the capacity of the north side treatment plant. ALCOSAN will also work to take over ownership and maintenance of at least 200 miles of sewer systems from other municipalities and use new technology to prevent storm water and groundwater from entering the sewer system. 

    ALCOSAN hopes to be in full compliance by 2036. 



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