• Alleged DUI driver plows into family's home, knocks out gas meter


    A crash is under investigation in Ross Township after a driver of an SUV lost control and ended up in someone's front yard.

    Channel 11 spoke with the homeowner, who said this is not the first time something like this has happened. 

    At least three other crashes happened along Mount Troy Road in the last six months. People who live along the road blame it on speed and said that in some cases, alcohol makes it worse.


    Samantha Porinchak told said it took two excavators to put a huge rock at the end of her driveway, and just one car to push it down into her front yard.

    "We were astonished of how she moved this boulder with her car into the front yard,” Porinchak said.

    Samantha's dad took a cellphone video around 3:30 a.m. Saturday after a driver plowed onto their property and hit the gas meter.

    You can still hear the gas leaking out.

    "We have no hot water, no gas, we can't cook because we have a gas stove and we can't do laundry,” Porinchak said. 

    Ross Township police confirmed they're investigating this crash as a possible DUI.  Porinchak said speed had to be a factor, especially along this stretch.

    "People don't go the speed limit down this road at all,” Porinchak said.

    As we continued talking, we stopped mid sentence as another car sped by.

    Her family is still trying to get the driver's insurance company to pay for this mess and she has a message for all the people who don't follow the speed limit.

    "Being a main road I understand, but you have to realize that there's people who live here," Porinchak said.

    The gas meter also must be fixed and she said that won't be easy or cheap.



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