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Allegheny County 911 dispatcher accused of assaulting 2-month-old son, officials say

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — An Allegheny County 911 dispatcher has been suspended after he was charged with assaulting his 2-month-old son.

Michael Koban, 34, is facing charges of aggravated assault and endangering welfare of children after investigators said he caused multiple the baby to have skull and rib fractures.

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According to a police criminal complaint, emergency responders first were called to his home on Bower Hill Road in Scott Township on Sept. 3 around noon. Koban was watching two of his sons -- 2-months and 17-months-old, respectively -- and then texted his wife saying the youngest child was hurt.

Koban initially told police that his 2-month-old son had fallen from his swing in the living room and hit his head, causing a large bump.

However, when doctors evaluated the baby, he was found to have a skull fracture, “underlying intracranial hemorrhage, and healing rib fractures.” The rib fractures were between two and five weeks old, and doctors told investigators those injuries more than likely were caused by a “squeeze or possible strike.”


According to the criminal complaint, doctors concluded the baby’s injuries were “not reasonably explained” by Koban’s story he provided police.

At that point, police began investigating the child’s parents for child abuse, including searching both of their cellphones.

Documents said Koban’s search history included things like “shaken baby syndrome” and brittle bones in babies” dating back a month.

On his wife’s phone, investigators said there were text messages to family members where she expressed concern over her baby’s safety.

“I have to work and have no one to watch them. I’m sick the whole time I’m gone,” one of the texts read. “The fact that I can’t trust my husband/their father with them is sickening.”

Koban was arrested on Oct. 3 and is awaiting a preliminary hearing. County officials confirmed Koban has been suspended without pay as the investigation continues.

He had been employed as a county operator since Sept. 2017.

Investigators said Koban’s wife, Ashley Koban, was also arrested following the incident. She is facing charges of failing to cooperate with a child abuse investigation and endangering the welfare of a child.