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Allegheny County Landslide Task Force talking about how to prevent future slides

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. — Landslides have become a huge problem over the last year, causing damage in dozens of communities, but Wednesday, county and state leaders met to talk about the landslides that plagued our region just a few months ago.

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency is setting aside about $10 million for the state and calling it a Hazard Mitigation Fund to prevent flooding and landslides.


Residents can even reach out to their municipality about the possibility of a buyout if their home has been impacted by severe flooding in the past.

Municipalities can submit applications to get the money from PEMA and after a state team reviews the applications, the money will be dispersed, all in an effort to prevent more landslides.

"We want to make sure we are bringing all the tools available to them and that they can do that recovery phase as well as what’s to come in the future because as we see this has become the norm," said Chief Matt Brown, with emergency management services.

Receiving the money will be a long process. After applications are received, a municipality might not see the funding for 18 months to a year.