• Alternate juror: I would have convicted Cosby


    NORRISTOWN, Pa. - Judge Steven O’Neill will hold a hearing Tuesday afternoon at the request of several media outlets, to publicly release the names of the jurors in the Cosby trial.

    One of the 18 people selected to help determine Bill Cosby’s fate believes he is guilty of sexual assault.

    Mike McCloskey sat down with Channel 11 on Monday to discuss the high-profile case, in which he served as an alternate juror.


    The deliberations lasted 52 hours over six days before the judges declared a mistrial. The jury was deadlocked in the case, and that didn’t exactly shock McCloskey.

    "I thought that they might have a decision sooner, but you have so many different personalities in the room. They would ask what we wanted for dinner and we couldn't decide on dinner,” McCloskey said.

    McCloskey heard all of the testimony and saw all of the evidence presented to the jury, but was not involved in the deliberations.

    He doesn’t know where the other jurors stood in the case, but he told Channel 11, in his mind, Cosby is guilty.

    “Andrea's testimony, I think, was very strong. Andrea's mom's testimony, I thought, was very strong and I think the defendant's own words, even though he didn't speak them in court, I think were very, very strong. I absolutely would have convicted him,” McCloskey said


    While the biggest trial in years was going on, McCloskey said several jurors kept a close eye on the Penguins’ Stanley Cup Final run. They even convinced the judge to let them out early one night.

    "The judge looked over at me and said, 'So, what time is faceoff tonight?' I said '8:15, sir, and we've got to get moving and we've got to get out of here.' So he let us go,” McCloskey said.

    The Montgomery County district attorney is expected to refile the criminal complaint charges against Cosby.

    The state Supreme Court will then determine if the jury for the next Cosby trial will again come from Allegheny County.


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    Alternate juror: I would have convicted Cosby

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