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Animal Friends rescued 50 dogs from unsanitary conditions in Allegheny County

WHITEHALL, Pa. — The Animal Friends Humane Investigations team is in the process of safely removing approximately 50 dogs from unsanitary conditions in a residence in Whitehall Borough.

Trembling, afraid and withdrawn. It’s safe to say these dogs have been through quite the ordeal.

The dogs are currently being transported back to Animal Friends where they will receive immediate medical attention and the care they need.

“All of the dogs are filthy; they are stained with urine and feces. They are covered in fleas. Really about what you would imagine from a house with that large number of dogs in it. The smell was just horrendous,” said Chief Community Engagement Officer, Cody Hoellerman.

Hoellerman said this all started after a neighbor called and reported a foul smell coming from this home on Brownsville Road.

Whitehall police went in and found the dogs.

Then humane officers served a search warrant and found 47 dogs living in horrible conditions.

“Making sure those dogs are out of there to really just know what it’s like to live in a normal home is what we’re looking forward to. So we’re gonna get them back feeling their best,” Hoellerman said.

They’re being treated for any injuries and will be given a bath along with medical exams.

We’re told this could be a case of animal hoarding.

Channel 11 was told it could take several weeks before these animals are ready to be adopted. Also, the owner could be facing animal cruelty charges or animal neglect. But it all depends on what humane officers find during their investigation.

Their new leash on life starts now.