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Animal shelter, rescue organization facing long list of citations

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Sherry Knight, the CEO and animal placement coordinator for Pet Search in the city of Washington, just got hit with 13 citations for failing to take care of her animals.

Channel 11 went to her house for answers on Wednesday night.

“I’m speaking I’m meeting with my attorney tomorrow,” she said.

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Channel 11 looked through the citations. Some of them include failure to keep kennels sanitized, to have enough space for the dogs to sit and lie down, and failure to protect dogs against weather and have clean bedding.

A man who adopted a dog from the shelter told us he didn’t know the shelter might have problems.

“I was surprised by the whole situation,” he said.


He didn’t want to be identified, but he did show Channel 11 his dog.

“We got the dog from Pet Search. The dog was a rescue dog,” he said.

He says his daughter adopted a dog as well.

“There’s never any kind of health issues with them. They are good dogs,” he said. “I really never seen any abuse of any animals over there.”