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Local lawsuits filed against Antonio Brown as Raiders clear him to play

PITTSBURGH — Two people have filed a civil lawsuit against former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, according to their attorney.

Attorney Jack Goodrich said unfortunately, his two clients, orthopedic doctor Victor Prisk and personal assistant Robert Leo, have not been paid by Brown.

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Goodrich said his clients worked with Brown from August of last year until March when Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

He said Prisk would make house calls to Brown's home for services. The calls added up and Brown never paid his $11,000 bill, the lawyer said.

According to Goodrich, Brown even sent him this text message saying, "Bro I owe u money? Surprising to me sad thes days with people like you."


Goodrich said in a second civil suit filed on Friday, Brown owes his ex-personal assistant more than $16,000. Leo is claiming he used his own credit card to pay expenses for Brown, including groceries.

"Mr. Leo sent a letter to Mr. Brown saying, 'Please pay me,' and silence," Goodrich said.

Goodrich told Channel 11 neither of his clients want media attention. They just want the former Steelers star to take care of his responsibilities.

"We hope he mans up and takes responsibility like a real Pittsburgher would and just pay your bill," Goodrich said.

We reached out to Brown's representatives, but have not heard back.

This is the latest issue plaguing the Raiders player after Brown got into a fight with a team official, had issues with his helmet and got frostbite on his feet.

Additionally, a chef in Florida says he is owed $40,000 for cooking for Brown during the 2018 Pro Bowl weekend.