• Architect behind current airport criticizes $1.1B modernization plan

    By: By Luke Torrance – Digital Producer, Pittsburgh Business Times


    PITTSBURGH - There's at least one person who isn't a fan of Pittsburgh International Airport's redesign: the man who designed the current building.

    Tasso Katselas, the architect behind the midfield terminal, wrote a letter to the Allegheny County Airport Authority urging them to abandon efforts on a $1.1 billion terminal modernization plan.

    "I waited and watched, hoping sensibility would surface to make the public and political entities aware of what they are losing and at what cost," he wrote to open the letter, which was posted in full on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's website. "It is dangerous to get trapped with an idea that turns out to be too expensive and unnecessary."

    Under the proposed modernization plan, the landside terminal would be demolished, as would the tram that transports passengers between the landside and airside terminals. A new landside building would be constructed between the C and D wings of the airside terminal.

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