• Arnold City Council formally begin process to remove mayor from office


    ARNOLD, Pa. - A local city has formally began the process to remove the mayor from office.

    Arnold Mayor Karen Peconi has remained defiant and continues to say she won't resign from office despite mounting public pressure.

    REALTED: Arnold City Council sends request for mayor's removal to Harrisburg

    The city hopes to take the decision out of her hands.

    On Monday, Arnold's City Council formally began the process to have Peconi removed from by sending a letter to the Pennsylvania Senate to form a special committee.

    In addition to the comments about Antwon Rose protestors, the city pointed out several other posts or shares from Peconi that council members found offensive from comments about former President Obama to the treatment of Muslims. 

    The process in Harrisburg is laborious, including having to go through a Senate commission and then a full Senate vote.

    It would take a two thirds majority to remove her from office.

    The last time the process went that far was more than a century ago.




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