• Authorities are finding more fentanyl than heroin on streets, sources say


    Channel 11 kept digging after a drug bust in Carrick uncovered fentanyl.

    Sources are telling us they are starting to find more fentanyl on the streets than heroin.

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    Finding people to talk about the heroin epidemic was not hard.

    "It could be your kid, your brother, your sister, your mother. It touches everybody,” said Don Stockdill. 


    Heroin addiction is prevalent now, but what is new is the increasing number of times police say they're finding fentanyl during drug busts or on overdose calls.

    Four separate police sources confirm to Channel 11 that the fentanyl coming from China is cheaper than heroin, so drug dealers can make more money when they sell it on the streets.

    Just yesterday, the drug task force with the attorney general's office seized 20 bundles and a baggie of suspected heroin and fentanyl on Brownsville Road.

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    Police got an arrest warrant Tuesday for Jeremy Hancock and charged him.

    Last month, six suspected drug dealers were charged with selling $750,000 worth of carfentanil, fentanyl and heroin in Allegheny County.

    Two of them, James Wells and Randy Wolford, are still on the run.

    In both cases, undercover officers had been watching the alleged dealers for almost a year.

    Sources say these drugs are finding their way into nearly every community.



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