Authorities are looking for the man who abandoned a dog in a Saltsburg gas station parking lot

Saltsburg — Humane officers are hoping to find the man who was seen on surveillance video leaving an injured dog in a parking lot near the Washington Street Bridge in Saltsburg.

“Immediately I started reaching out to people that I knew would help in this situation because we knew he was going to need medical care,” said Andrea Palmer, humane police officer with All But Furgotten.

The dog they have named Parker is in a safe, warm home now, but last week he was abandoned by a man wearing an orange coat and backpack who was on video inside the gas station and then walked away.

“All of a sudden he just up and disappeared and when the employee of the gas station went outside the dog was there and no longer was the owner of the dog,” Palmer said.

She said they aren’t sure where the dog was before being discovered in the parking lot, but there are several rumors.

“One story says the dog was tied to the bridge, another story says the dog was just roaming in the parking lot. Whichever is true I’m not really sure but originally I was told it was tied to the Saltsburg bridge,” Palmer said.

She said the one-year-old lab mix has injuries.

“He has bloody paws, he has a bleeding tail, he has some cuts and scrapes on him, and we don’t know what to do with him,” she said. “Parker is doing great. He’s in a loving foster home. And I believe the foster home is planning on adopting Parker.”

Palmer also shared some advice — she said if you can’t afford to take care of your dog or need to give it up — call a vet or a shelter and ask where you can surrender it safely, but don’t leave them out in the cold.