• Woman in tears after her shop is vandalized, customers' cars smashed


    WASHINGTON, Pa. - A Washington County woman said the parking lot of her business is now covered with shattered glass after rocks were thrown at her auto body shop, her garage windows, and her customers' cars.

    "I'm angry at they think this is fun because there are so many other things you could do that would be fun," Marsha Pryor said.

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    Three kids loitering near her and her husband's auto body shop, Pryor's Auto Service in Washington, pick up large rocks and start hurling them. It was all caught on her shop's security camera system.

    "The first rock bounced off the window, the second rock he missed and the third rock you could see the window explode," Pryor said. "You feel like you have to warn people and you don't want to feel like you're going to lose business that way but you don't want to lie and say park it out there it will be fine."

    The could is trying to figure out how to pay for the damage.

    Washington city police are investigating what happened.



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