Baby monitor melted at local home, fire department warns

'I was petrified.' Baby monitor catches fire inside child's room at night

CHARLEROI, Pa. — A baby monitor melted into the carpet at a home, and now the Charleroi Fire Department is warning anyone who uses them.

The Ubbcare baby monitor was found melted Wednesday morning in a bedroom. The fire department received a call about it.

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In a Facebook post, the fire department said: “Anyone that may use these monitors please keep a good eye on them and if not being used unplug them to prevent anything from happening.”

Charleroi Fire Chief Robert Whiten Jr. told Channel 11 he believes in this case, the lithium battery overheated.

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Christa Ramswey has two-year-old twins. While they were home Wednesday, she said something didn’t seem right when she heard a noise upstairs and then smelled smoke.

She opened the door to her bedroom and smoke rushed out. The baby monitor was on the floor engulfed in smoke and a few small flames.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating the incident.

Right now, there is no recall on it.

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