• People living in Banksville say PWSA project has made flooding worse


    PITTSBURGH - 11 Investigates looked into a PWSA flooding improvement project that neighbors said made the flooding in Banksville worse. The agency said their system can fail in heavy rains.

    It’s in an area right off Route 19 and Potomac Avenue.

    (Here is a map showing the area)

    People living on Hayson Avenue were preparing Tuesday as if a hurricane was making landfall, stacking sandbags up and down their properties. They said it was the only way to protect their homes, adding that a $1.7 million PWSA project only made flooding worse.

    Neighbors showed 11 Investigates water flowing right into their basements during flooding from last spring, saying it keeps happening. One woman said she had to put her washer and dryer on cinder blocks after sewage built up in her basement several times last year.

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    A spokeswoman for PWSA told 11 Investigates they are aware of the issues with the project and said they are planning on making improvements to Hayson Avenue, including channeling water out of the street, upgrading rain gardens and possibly raising curbs. 



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