Area veteran picked for free shower remodel as a way to honor his service


PITTSBURGH — Rick Corson has spent most of his life defending our country.

"Went to Vietnam '70-'71. I came back into the reserves and then, in 1983, I joined the AGR program: Active Guard Reserve. Then I retired as a sergeant major in March 2009," Corson said.

A lifetime of service has left him with bad knees, and his wife needs help to get around, too. Corson said that was why he was working with West Shore Home to get a walk-in shower.

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"If it wasn't for me being here all the time with helping her up, into the shower and that, it's kind of bad," he said.

But he thought the idea of getting a walk-in shower was a casualty until the company offered to install one for free as a small way to say thanks.

"When somebody says they're going to donate this to you, it's really nice," Corson said.

West Shore Home is just one of 10 home improvement companies taking part in the Baths for the Brave program nationwide, with all bath remodels taking place at the same time to honor those who've served, especially as Veterans Day approaches.

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"It's great when someone comes up, out of the blue. We were sitting at Dick's Diner here a couple of years ago, getting ready to check out, and the waitress, Denise, comes over. She said, 'Hey Rick, that gentleman over there paid for your meal.' And it's just before I could even say 'thank you,' he had left. So, again, it's nice. It's not that I expect it. It's just when you're walking and somebody sees my hat, they go, 'Hey, thank you for your service.' It sometimes just gives you a little bit of chills," Corson said.

Some veterans shy away from people saying "thank you." But for Corson, his military career is a source of pride for him and his family.

From all of us here at WPXI Channel 11, thank you to all veterans and active-duty military members for your service.