• Beaver Co. glass plant catches fire


    MONACA, Pa. - Flames could be seen from across Beaver County from a huge fire in Monaca.

    It broke out Wednesday evening at the Anchor Hocking facility, a plant that makes glass.

    Firefighters told Channel 11 they're responded to the plant several times in the past for fires. Channel 11 covered a fire there in 2015.

    At least five fire departments responded.

    The fire was contained in about 20 minutes.

    It's unclear where in the plant it started.

    Employees that were inside were evacuated right away. No injuries were reported.


    The fire started inside the automatic department where the glass is made, according to the Monaca Fire Chief.

    Employees were there making glass when the fire started.

    There's no exact cause of the fire, but it could’ve had to do with grease clogged in the vent because that happens often. The plant claims the vent was recently cleaned. 

    Firefighters had to cut homes in the vent to get hot spots out. Employees are already back to work. 


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