Beaver County doctor accused of writing prescription in exchange for sexual act

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — A Beaver County doctor is accused of writing a prescription in exchange for a sexual act.

Dr. Randy Shemer, of Aliquippa, was charged in August. He’s accused of writing a prescription for a full medical exam in September 2019 for a woman with whom he had previously worked.

The woman was accused of diversion of Oxycodone pills from her employer, Rochester Manor and Villa. When Oxycodone showed up in a drug test, she was asked for a prescription to show why the drug was in her system.

She allegedly told her employer she got the prescription from her primary care physician, who she named as Shemer. A check with Shemer’s office discovered she was not a patient of his.

The woman then admitted that she called Shemer to ask for a prescription after the investigation at Rochester Manor and Villa began.

She told investigators she went to his office and showed him an old bicycling injury. He allegedly told her that “she needed him to do something for her that was a lot to ask and that she was willing to do whatever he wanted to get it.”

The two allegedly left the room, they engaged in a sex act, and he wrote her a prescription, according to court documents.

Shemer is facing trial in March of 2021.