• Bench at humane society honors police officer killed in 2016 Liberty Bridge crash


    RENFREW, Pa. - An Evans City-Seven Fields police officer who died nearly three years ago is being remembered for her love of animals.

    Officer Kristine Stevenson Bartman was killed in a motorcycle crash while off-duty on the Liberty Bridge in 2016.

    Bartman's widower said he can smile today knowing that animals in Butler County are being saved and cared for in memory of his late wife, who had a soft spot for dogs, especially those that had been neglected. 

    "Kristine was on patrol. She responded to a report of a stray animal, and that's how we met Alfred. He was emaciated and had two different kinds of worms. She fell in love with him that night when she took him to the station," Zach Bartman said.

    On Sunday, a bench at the Butler Humane Society was dedicated in Bartman's memory.

    Joe Sobczak


    "She was at her happiest when she was with the dogs, and that's when you would see her smile the brightest," Zach Bartman said.

    Bartman's family purchased the bench and donated $12,000 to the humane society. That money went toward medical care for the animals.

    "Kristine is still doing good even after she's passed on," Zach Bartman said.

    The dog in the video is named Murphy and belongs to a local family. He is one of the animals saved with the money Bartman's family raised.


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