• Bethel Park school board votes to cut taxes


    BETHEL PARK, Pa. - Bethel Park is cutting taxes, but some say it will come at a price.

    After months of discussion, meetings and nine revisions to next year's budget, the school director said some of his colleagues on the school board made a last minute decision at Tuesday night's meeting that will give taxpayers a break during the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Parents and teachers say that while lower taxes sounded good, the plan was pushed through without time to research its impact.

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    "I'm not opposed to reducing taxes if it’s fiscally responsible. The numbers that I was given today after this proposal show a $5.5 million shortfall between revenue and projected expenditure,” school director Ken Nagel said.

    In a statement to Channel 11, the district said, "Everything planned for the upcoming school year is still on track and that loss in revenue will be made up by using $5 million of the district’s fund balance."



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