• Man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from local ambulance service


    PITTSBURGH - People in Fayette County told Channel 11 they were stunned after learning a man was indicted for stealing thousands of dollars from the not-for-profit ambulance service he worked for.

    Edward Stevenson, 62, was the treasurer for Brownsville Ambulance Service Inc.

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    According to federal investigators, he was stealing from the organization for more than four years, writing himself 132 checks from its bank account. Agents said he deposited more than $136,000 into his personal account and two accounts for a flower shop he owned.

    Many people said they knew Stevenson as the nice man who owned Lunden's Flower Shop in Brownsville.

    "He's just a nice, pleasant guy and it's very shocking that he supposedly done that. You know, I would never ever imagine it," said Penny Berisko, who works in Brownsville.

    Watch the video above for more details.



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