Burglar alarm inadvertently leads authorities to drug bust

WILKINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Wilkins Township police responded to a burglar alarm Tuesday night where they stumbled upon drugs, guns and a lot of cash.

No one was home when they arrived, but a door was open and when they looked inside, they found everything in the open.

Police found five guns, 34 bricks of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, edible marijuana gummies, pills and thousands of dollars in cash.

"This is unusual for us. Our officers stay up on this and when it does find it's way to our community, we're quick to jump on it," said Sgt. Randy Lamb of the Wilkins Township Police Department.


When officers saw the drugs, guns and cash in plain view, they quickly got a search warrant for the home and confiscated all of it.

"This is a prime example of a routine law enforcement function that can get a lot more serious at any time," Lamb said.

And because officers say this is usually a very quiet community, this big of a drug and gun bust is even more significant.

Police told Channel 11 they haven't arrested anyone yet and no one has come back to the house since.