Bus in the sinkhole scene now a holiday ornament, cupcakes and more

Bus in the sinkhole scene now a holiday ornament, cupcakes and more

PITTSBURGH — The Port Authority bus stuck in the sinkhole downtown has not only inspired memes, it's building quite the audience in pop culture.

La Mangia, a bakery in New Castle, made cupcakes featuring the bus emerging from their chocolate frosting! At $2.00 each, the first batch sold out within hours, according to the bakery.

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Pittsburgh bus cupcakes 🚍 #pittsburghbus *Remember to like and share our page* We are sold out for today but will have more tomorrow!

Posted by La Mangia on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Not to be outdone, the Oakmont Bakery is getting in on the fun!

Also, for those who are more into wearing pop culture, there are shirts on Amazon.com featuring "The Mother of Jagoff Potholes" and a graphic of the bus. Another one features a picture of the scene with the wording "my ride fell through."

Additionally, the more creative yinzers found a way to incorporate the bus in the sinkhole as a Halloween costume.

Amanda Lee Glassware in Oakmont is jumping on the bus, too, with some new products.

🖤💛I had to get on this bus! 🚎 Hey Yinz Jagoffs, that’s a pothole https://www.amandaleeglassware.com/pittsburgh-pothole

Posted by Amanda Lee Glassware on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Plus, there is now an ornament of the Port Authority bus stuck in the sinkhole.

Toby Atticus Fraley, who is a Pittsburgh-based artist, is selling the ornament on his website.

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He has since updated his website with a message, saying the ornament went viral and, "While I'm going to attempt to get new orders out before Christmas, a more realistic delivery date is February right now."

The price of the ornament is $30 plus shipping. Click here to order.