Butler Co. mom gives kids a snow day despite school district’s plans

Local mom moves forward with snow day, despite school district’s plans

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. — With students throughout southwestern Pennsylvania learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several districts decided to move forward with remote learning classes on Monday.

For example, in the Fox Chapel School District, parents told us their children were hoping for a snow day, but the district explained earlier this year that because of remote learning, snow days would be sparse.

For students in the South Butler School District, they were told to report to their classes through remote instruction, but not all parents agreed with the district’s decision.

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Jamie Shondeck, who lives in Saxonburg, told Channel 11 that she asked her children not to attend their classes.

Instead, she gave them a snow day.

“With the on school, off school, on again, off again … they haven’t been able to have any snow days since all of this started. And kids need to be kids and have fun,” said Shondeck.

Shondeck also shared what she wants school leaders to know.

”Why make them sit at home on a computer? Let them go outside. Let them have fun. They need fresh air. They’re children,” said Shondeck.

Channel 11 reached out to the superintendent’s office, but the office declined to comment.

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