Butler County man says he bought Rolling Stones tickets last year, is still waiting for them

BUTLER, Pa. — Tyler Huth said he bought tickets for the Rolling Stones concert at Heinz Field back in February 2020. With the concert taking place Monday night, he said he’s still waiting to get them.

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Stones and my son who’s 7 years old has always loved the Stone since he was about 2. I thought this would be a great birthday surprise for him,” Huth said. “My business partner bought tickets the same way through Vivid Seats and just received his tickets on Saturday. I’ve been refreshing the page every 10 minutes and I have not received anything.”

Huth said he’s spent months contacting the ticket company and their only response was the tickets could show up as late as five minutes before show time.

“I live 40 minutes from the city so even if I get them five minutes before and get down there and park, I’m going to miss half the show. So that’s another level of frustration,” Huth said.

Channel 11 reached out to Vivid Seats multiple times throughout the day Monday and still has yet to get a response.

Huth said he hopes his story serves as a warning to other people looking to buy tickets. He said he plans to keep pressing the company to at least get his money back.