Canonsburg neighborhood shaken after gunman opened fire on a quiet street

CANONSBURG — At least two gunmen opened fire on a quiet Canonsburg street.

The chief of police said there were a significant number of 911 calls from people who were awoken to the sound of gun fire and that some thought it was fireworks.

John Tolmer has lived on Murdock Street in Canonsburg for 30 years. The quiet street is full of welcome signs and friendly neighbors. It was a shock to be woken up before 5 a.m. to gunfire.

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“I thought it was somebody knocking at the door, then we found out it was gunshots.”

“We had a lot of calls, a lot of people thought it was fireworks, and a lot of people recognized it as gunshots,” Chief Al Coghill explained.

The gunmen targeted this duplex, spraying the home with bullets that shattered both glass screen doors. We found bullet holes scattered across both sides.

“We believe 2 firearms were used, there were a significant amount of bullet holes that went thru residence thru the walls and actually exited out the other side of the apt,” explained Chief Coghill.

The people who live here told us their nephews are visiting and were asleep on the couch, as bullets shot past them, going through multiple walls, into staircases, and clear out the back of the home.

They didn’t want to do an on-camera interview out of fear, but told us they are extremely thankful no one was injured.

Canonsburg police told us they are still investigating, looking into possible motives. No arrests have been made.