• Target 11 gets Carrick residents help after cars get covered in ice

    By: Aaron Martin


    PITTSBURGH - A water main break encased a Carrick home in ice, creating a very dangerous situation.

    "I woke up Sunday morning and my neighbor called me and said, 'don't be surprised by the four inches of ice outside your house,'" said Bill Atlantis.

    Neighbors told Channel 11 when crews heard our cameras were coming, they worked for two hours to remove the ice, something they hadn't seen before.

    It started after a water main break Sunday caused a river of water to begin running down the street.


    His sidewalk and part of the street was caked with ice after the break.

    Antantis hit his breaking point Wednesday, when the ice caused him to smash into his son's car.

    "As I got out, I slipped and fell on my head," Antantis said. "My girl is partially disabled and hasn't been able to leave the house since Sunday. It's just bad."

    He called Channel 11 for help, a phone call that led to the progress he's been waiting for.

    "I told them I called the news because I didn't feel anything was being taken care of," Antantis said. "Now they've had two guys out here for the last two hours working pretty furiously."

    When Channel 11 arrived, the conditions had improved, with water beginning to flow through the melted ice.

    A spokesperson for Pennsylvania American Water said they've had multiple breaks throughout the area and crews have worked around the clock to get them fixed.

    She added crews have salted the street and sidewalk daily since Monday.


    With conditions rapidly improving, Antantis is looking forward to putting the entire experience behind him.

    "Hopefully, this is all gone and in a few days it will just be a bad memory," Antantis said.

    Crews were able to fix the water main break Thursday morning and residents nearby hope the ice will soon be gone as well.


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