Cat euthanized after being shot, other pet owners concerned

STOWE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Stowe Township couple's cat was found shot and paralyzed Tuesday.

Now, they're desperately searching for whoever pulled the trigger and say other pets in their neighborhood have been targeted, too.

Desmond Sharp and his fiancé, Katey O’Donnell, told Channel 11 they’re hurt and angry after someone purposely shot their cat, Athena.

It was around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday when O’Donnell said she came home from work, heard meowing on her back patio and saw her cat barely moving.


“She had like two little marks on the side, I thought maybe she got into a fight, maybe she’s just in shock,” Sharp said.

But it wasn’t until they were on their way to the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center when Sharp noticed something off. “I was petting her and I felt a lump on her side," Sharp said.

That lump turned out to be a bullet, forcing Athena's owners to have her euthanized because the injuries were too severe.

They want to warn other pet owners in the neighborhood because they claim their cat wasn’t the only one shot.

"My next door neighbor said he's found three in the last few months, like just strays," Sharp said.

Channel 11 asked police about the case and were told there isn't much they can do because there are no photos or videos of the person responsible.