Cat shot; woman believes pets aren't safe in neighborhood

BROOKLINE, Pa. — Laura Williams is glad her cat is still alive.

“I could tell it was absolutely the mark from a BB gun shot,” she said. “My heart was broken for him.”

She says he was shot earlier this month in a wooded area behind Capital and Pioneer avenues in Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood.

“He was shot approximately right here above his tummy and the center of his body,” she said. “We live so adjacent here to the woods behind Capital and Pioneer Avenue that it’s frequent we will hear the sounds of BBs making their way through the forest,” she said.

Williams says she doesn’t know who shot her cat but she began alerting her neighbors – and police – on the Nextdoor app.

“I just want to alert people, especially who live along this area,” she said. “There are quite a few cat and dog owners.”