• Pittsburgh Diocese Bishop David Zubik responds


    PITTSBURGH - After a 2-year investigation into allegations of widespread sexual abuse and a coverup within the Catholic Church, the grand jury report was released Tuesday.

    Bishop David Zubik of the Pittsburgh Diocese spoke a short time later offering an apology and a pledge to move forward.

    “We are sorry,” he said speaking for the diocese and the entire church. “I am sorry.”

    According to the grand jury, there were 99 priests identified from within the Pittsburgh Diocese, although due to legal challenges not all of the names were made public.

    While Bishop Zubik was never named as an abuser, his name was mentioned several times during a section outlining the alleged coverup by leaders within the church.

    During his news conference, Zubik denied any involvement or such actions.

    "There was no cover up going on… We have been transparent,” he said.





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