Celebrate National Chocolate Day with your favorite local chocolatier

PITTSBURGH — Are you a fan of imported, artisan chocolate, or are you more likely to savor a chocolate-covered pretzel? No matter how you take your cocoa, there’s a local chocolate company calling your name on National Chocolate Day!

Check out some of these old- and new-school chocolate creators:

Sarris Candies

You've heard the name before! Located in Canonsburg, this regional chocolate staple has been around for over 50 years. Favorites include chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate bars. Plus, their store even has ice cream!

Betsy Ann Chocolates

Handmade chocolates since 1938 defines this sweet shop in Pittsburgh on Perry Highway. Made the old-fashioned way, chocolates from Betsy Ann are very popular as holiday gifts. Folks can even customize their chocolate bars!

Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company

Devilishly good, Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company calls their products “an edible art form.” The small shop started out in Lawrenceville and moved to the Cultural District downtown when they needed more space.

Yetter’s Candies

Few things are better than a scoop or a chocolate from Yetter's Candies in Millvale. The second-generation candy business has a shop with an old-timey, retro feel. They offer a wide array of prepackaged goodies or you can buy in bulk!

Gene and Boots Candies

Two friends, Gene and Boots, started off selling popcorn and salted peanuts before starting to tinker with different ways to incorporate chocolate. Today, the company now sells a host of unique products and holiday favorites while still sticking with the early formulas.

Eureka Chocolate and Gifts

With enticing chocolates and exquisite gifts, this shop, described as "a jewelry box filled with gems" is located in Shadyside on Copeland Street. The company even offers a program so you won't forget to have a gift waiting on those special occasions.

The Chocolate Moose

True chocoholics know The Chocolate Moose is where it's at. With classic confections from your childhood all the way up to some new twists, this shop on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill has been around for nearly 20 years!

Pollak’s Candies

With handmade chocolates since 1948, Pollak's Candies can be found on Butler Street in Pittsburgh. The shop features plenty of seasonal favorites, holiday candies, novelties and ice cream.

St. Moritz Chocolatier

Vampire's Blood Dark Chocolate? Pumpkin Spice Espresso Beans? If those sound yummy to you, St. Moritz Chocolatier is the place to go! Located downtown, this small candy business recommends you "treat yourself to the good stuff."

My Favorite Sweet Shoppe

A relative newcomer to the cocoa scene, this shop has been around for just a handful of years. But that doesn't mean it isn't good. In fact, they offer chocolate-dipped bottles of wine!

Mon Aimee Chocolat

Sucree! This confectioner invites customers to linger over a cup of hot chocolate, discuss chocolates from around the globe or savor domestic and imported creations. They're located right in the heart of the Strip District!

Esther's Homemade Candy

With family recipes handed down through generations of chocolate lovers, this place continues hand-dipping and -drizzling all of their creations on-site at their shop on Brownsville Road.

Dorothy’s Candies

Have a hankering for some pure Swiss chocolates? This is the place! They've been around for over 65 years, moving from Dorothy's basement to their shop in White Oak. How about some free samples, eh?!

Are you hungry yet?!