Checking in on the biggest summer construction projects

Checking in on the biggest summer construction projects

PITTSBURGH — It's hard to turn down any street or go on any highway around the Pittsburgh area without hitting construction. We wanted to check in on some of the biggest projects, especially with all the rain we've seen.

Pittsburgh's most experienced traffic reporter Trisha Pittman got the answers straight from PennDOT. She started with questions about the work on the Parkway North. Officials say the weather has had an impact on work, but the majority of the project is still on track.

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The Perrysville ramp has been closed for months. Channel 11 is just over the hill and it's impacted a lot of us. It was supposed to reopen in June, but PennDOT officials told us the date was pushed back because the contractor is now reconstructing part of highway in that area.

In the South Hills, Channel 11 is getting more information about the final steps of the Liberty Bridge Tunnel and Bridge project. It's been a three-year headache for anyone headed in and out of the city. The finishing touches are wrapping up on the $30 million project. The contractor has until Aug. 26 to get it all done.


On Forbes Avenue, the work is going to push into back-to-school season. The $10 million upgrade will still be ongoing when Pitt students start returning on Aug. 24. PennDOT officials told Channel 11 traffic report Trisha Pittman the rain we saw in May and June has pushed back some of the paving on the project. However, they say it's all still on schedule.

The weather has also pushed back some of the paving on busy Route 28. Crews are making improvements from the Butler County line and East Deer Township. PennDOT said that particular project is still on schedule.