Allegheny Co. official to face trial in Detroit following hotel altercation

Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner to stand trial in Detroit

DETROIT — Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner will face a trial in Detroit following an altercation in a hotel there in last month.

Wagner and her husband, Khari Mosley, were traveling and attended a concert in Detroit March 6. After the show, Wagner went to bed while her husband went to the hotel bar.

Police said Mosley was intoxicated and had been causing problems, then couldn't get back into the hotel room because he did not have a key and his name was not on the reservation.

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A reporter for Detroit News was given access to the police body cam video. According to that reporter, the videos shows police putting Mosley into a police car. Officers then head to Wagner's hotel room.

The door to the room was open, the report said, so police walked inside and asked Wagner to verify that Mosley is her husband. Wagner is heard on the video repeatedly giggling, the report said.

Wagner and Mosley are both charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. Additionally, she is charged with two counts of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, a felony.

The Detroit News reported Thursday that they both appeared for a preliminary hearing and she will face a trial.

At the hearing police body cam footage of the incident was also released. Watch the video above to see the altercation from this point of view.