• Child injured while escaping home invasion with father


    MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A child was injured during a home invasion Wednesday morning in Moon Township.

    Police said two masked men armed with guns broke into the home on Hayeswold Drive just before 7 a.m.

    A man and his daughter were home at the time and were forced into a bedroom after the men woke them up with flashlights and demanded money, police said. When they escaped through a window, the girl was hurt and they went to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

    “They were afraid to pull open the door, that it might be booby trapped. So what the father did was climb out a window, and the daughter also climbed out that window and she fell to the ground,” Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy said.

    The girl was taken to a hospital for a broken leg.


    Police have found two cellphones that were taken from the home and they will be checked for DNA and fingerprints. The phones were pinged and metal detectors were used to locate them, one on Interstate 376 and the other near the Ewing Road exchange.

    “We kept going back and forth over the bridge over the Parkway, and looking down on the median strip on the Parkway was the second phone,” McCarthy said.

    A reverse 911 call has been placed to neighbors for information and police are reviewing surveillance video from the area in hopes of identifying the men responsible.

    “We're going to work as hard as we can to process any and all forensic evidence, to talk to every possible person, to review all the area videos, to do anything we possibly can to track these guys down,” McCarthy said.



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