• Children in car when 2 women under influence of marijuana arrested with drugs, police say


    PITTSBURGH - Two women were arrested Monday night, accused of selling drugs and driving under the influence of marijuana while children were in the back seat, according to police.

    April Price, 31, and Chandra Cellars, 46, were in a BMW that undercover officers in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood spotted while it was parked outside a bar along North Lang Avenue. Price’s children were in the back seat.

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    Police said they saw Price showing a man a blue bag, which he reached into and took something before leaving. Moments later, Price was pulled over.

    Officers noticed the car and women smelled of marijuana and none of the four children were in car seats or wearing seat belts, according to a criminal complaint.


    When questioned, Price and Cellars admitted to recently smoking marijuana, police said.

    A search of Price’s bag uncovered four bags of marijuana, a bag with oxycodone, $200 and a piece of paper with the names of people who owed her money, the complaint said. A small jar of marijuana worth close to $1,000 was found in her purse.

    Cellars was also searched and found to have 13 knotted bags of crack cocaine in her bra and marijuana in a pocket, police said.

    Price and Cellars were taken to the Allegheny County Jail. Price’s children were placed in the care of a loved one.


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