What makes a meal? Bar, restaurant owners ask for clarity on latest COVID-19 restrictions

City, county officials holding meetings to keep bar, restaurant owners up to date with COVID-19

PITTSBURGH — What constitutes a meal? That was a major question asked Tuesday as Allegheny County and the city of Pittsburgh kicked off a series of virtual meetings for bar and restaurant owners to learn the latest on COVID-19.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board defines a meal as the amount of food someone would typically eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and that a snack does not count.

City and county leaders are trying to prevent people just going out to drink, saying if you drink too much, you might stop following COVID-19 guidelines, they said Tuesday.

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Owners also want to know why customers can’t just eat and drink – while sitting at the bar – if rules are still being followed.

A chart of COVID-19 cases among food workers in Allegheny County was displayed during the webinar. Between July 1 and July 15, there were 80 cases in the county, which is four times more than during the second half of June.

Some bar and restaurant owners and employees told Channel 11 they are glad there’s a new Allegheny County COVID Field Response Team enforcing the rules, while others expressed their frustrations about the citation process.

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