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City, faith-based leaders unveil new community group in East Liberty

PITTSBURGH — The Help Initiative, as well as local city and faith-based leaders, unveiled a new community group planned for the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh.

It’s called the Village Collaborative of East Liberty.


Officials said the aim is to bring sustainable community development to the area as well as advocate for those who often feel they don’t have a voice.

Officials behind the project say the timing of this is vital. With so much gentrification happening in the Greater Pittsburgh area, something had to be done.


The Village Collaborative of East Liberty will work to bring back community members who were forced out of their homes. Community leaders said there are already developers on board and funding streams in place.

At least 300 affordable units will be built in East Liberty within the next 18-24 months for those impacted, officials said.

“People are happy in knowing that they can come back to the place they love and the place where they once resided, and I think this is an excellent way to make this confluence I talked about,” Bishop Loran Mann said.