• City plow truck driver who was fired for leaving crash scene allowed to return to work


    PITTSBURGH - A City of Pittsburgh plow truck driver who was fired after hitting several parked cars in Lawrenceville in January and reportedly failed to report it is now allowed to return to work.

    The mayor's administration wasn't happy with this agreement, but the human resources department recommended that the driver return to work under what's called a "last chance agreement."

    The driver, who was in a salt truck, said his salt spreader came loose and hit several parked cars, totaling one of them.

    The driver never stopped and only reported it to the city days later.

    The owner of the car reached out to Target 11, and we connected the plow driver to the crash. 

    The city fired the driver in Feburary, but he was just put back on the job after filing a grievance against the city.

    He will have to pay the insurance deductible for the car he hit, and if he gets into any more trouble, he'll be fired without question. 



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